Consult with AquaLoc staff for specific application instructions when applying all Aqualoc Rubber Systems. Damp proofing, waterproofing membrane for concrete protection between slabs, basement walls, foundations, bridge decks and more; planter boxes, concrete tanks for primary and secondary containment.

General Instructions

Aqualoc – Below Grade is a spray applied instant setting membrane. Mixing: Mechanically; Mix thoroughly for minimum of 15-20 minutes. When applying, start at the lowest point moving to the highest point after all prep work is completed. Apply at the specified thickness. Allow for a full cure before applying Aqualoc – TopCoat. Consult the MSDS for further information. Clean-up and Storage Instructions: AquaLoc – Below Grade is a non flammable liquid and does not present storage or transportation hazards. The product MUST be kept in heated storage if there is any danger of outside temperatures reaching below 40°F (5°C). For clean-up use baby oil or mineral spirits. Product can be kept for up to one year. Stir monthly during storage periods.

Consult the MSDS for further information.