Consult with AquaLoc staff for specific application instructions when applying all Aqualoc Rubber Systems. Whenever waterproofing or roofing protection is required.

General Instructions

Aqualoc – Pour & Seal can be applied using a roller, squeegee or mop. Clear gravel area or work Aqualoc – Pour & Seal into gravel with a rake. Ensure surface is dry and free of all foreign matter. Mixing: Mechanically mix product before using. Dry/Recoat: Curing occurs within 24 hrs. Should be dry to the touch before re-applying. All times are dependent on depth of application, ambient temperatures and humidity. Precautions: Standard protective and safety precautions apply. Do not apply when rain is imminent (24hrs). Do not allow product to freeze. Clean-up: Mineral spirits or baby oil. Storage/Transportation: This product is non-flammable and does not present storage or transportation hazards. Must be kept in warm, dry atmosphere. Unused product must be closely sealed to prevent skimming.

Consult the MSDS for further information.