• Roofing and exterior walls
  • Elastomeric, fast drying
  • Water based
  • Resists blistering
  • Easily applied

  • Odourless, non toxic, no voc’s
  • Resists mild ponding
  • Fast drying, breathable
  • Can be tinted


Aqualoc – Roof Coat is a water-based elastomeric coating specifically designed to achieve optimum adhesion over new or existing smooth modified bitumen, steel or other asphaltic roof substrates. In combination with an application of Aqualoc – Roof Coat effectively extends the life of the roof. It provides a waterproof barrier with excellent resistance to blistering under mild ponded water exposure, while blocking bleed-through of asphaltic oils. Aqualoc – Roof Coat has approximately 5 times the adhesion of typical elastomeric acrylic coatings over asphalt-based roofing.


Aqualoc – Roof Coat was developed to extend the life of conventional built-up, modified bitumen roofs. Once coated the substrate is protected from further degradation caused by normal weather, aging and short term ponded water conditions for up to 8-10 years, leaving the Aqualoc Membrance System untouched by the elements.


Aqualoc – Roof Coat should not be applied when ambient temperature is below 45°F (7.3°C). Uncured product is subject to damage if frozen. Do not apply to wet surfaces. Do not apply in the rain or if rain is imminent. Make sure surface is dry and clean of dirt, oil, grease or any loose or foreign debris. Do not store in direct sunlight. Shelf life is one year in tightly sealed containers. If storing for long periods product will settle into a two-stage suspension. Use a mixer to blend entire pail. Do Not Freeze.


Aqualoc – Roof Coat is a single-component, ready–to-use material which can be applied using a brush, roller or airless sprayer. Do not thin or reduce the product. All surfaces must be clean and dry, free of any dirt, dust, oil, surface chemicals or other contaminants that may interfere with the application. Brush or roller should be used for touch-up and edge work. Use a pump with a minimum 3.8 litre/minute output and 2000psi pressure capability. Use a reversible self-cleaning tip with an orifice size of .69 to .99mm.


When applying, wear gloves, eye protection and other suitable personal protective equipment. Mask off areas of concern to prevent over spray issues. Consult MSDS for further information.